Mail Service Center

Rebranded and redesigned a business for PO Box and shipping services. The pages included a form to set up a New Mailbox, Mail Forwarding, FAQ and Pay Online. Outside the website I designed the logo, business card and flyers to support the business.

Overview —
Mail Service Center had an out of date branding and website, with a lack of targeting towards segmented audiences. As the first digital touchpoint with Mail Service Center, it was essential for the website redesign to focus on:
• Increasing conversion
• Delivering personalized content to the site visitor
• Engaging new users in a new mailbox setup
• Empowering existing customers with quick payment
• Optimizing the experience across devices

Outcome —
An ordinarily dull experience was reimagined into a fresh, modern redesign, maximizing efficiency and impact. An organized, scalable template system and a component library were introduced to allow for future site evolution.

Project Date
Home Page

New Mailbox Page
Pay Online Page

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